Gunnar Nelson Perfect Home One Championship

Gunnar Nelson , UFC Welterweight and we’ll known as a teammate of Conor Mcgregor has struggled of late. Unable to get a solid win streak since 2014. Maybe it’s time for a different scenery and heading over to One Championship.

One Championship will be perfect for Gunnar Nelson since he’s more of a grappler Fighter, Looking to control where the fight goes with the least amount of damage.

One Championship and Asia MMA Fans in general appreciate Mix Martial Arts. Won’t boo if a fight goes to the ground. Gunnar Nelson will never have to appease the fans when he can be himself.

Gunnar Nelson can be himself as well by not trash talking, Nelson is the exact opposite of his teammate Conor Mcgregor. No need to trash talk and hype a fight up when it’s all about Honor and Respect.

Hope Gunnar Nelson heads to One Championship, Becomes the Welterweight Champion over there and makes a better living than fighting in the UFC.

Phil “Heartbreaker” Caracappa Dana White Contender Series Season 3

Phil Caracappa, Ring of Combat Bantamweight Champion one of the best Bantamweight Prospects in the United States and the World should get an offer to fight on the Dana White Contender Series for Season 3.

Caracappa defended his Bantamweight Title Three Times for Ring of Combat. Ring of Combat one of the best Regional promotions.

“Pressure makes diamonds and that is how I perform.  I’m best in those pressure situations.  I’m ready for the challenge in front of 20 or 30 thousand fans. Every one of my fights have been considered fight of the night.  My energy and will cannot be stopped.  Of course I would like that contract, but if it is a shot on The Contender Series, I am very confident that I will get it done.”

Caracappa is well deserved of the Contender Series contract. Caracappa beat the best fighter in his young career in John Sweeney, Sweeney had a record of 6-1 at that point.

Caracappa toughest fight of his career should be on the Contender Series as he faces another top Bantamweight Prospect. Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard should give Caracappa manager a call and offer him a fight on the Contender Series.

Prospect to Watch #2 Brett Martin

Brett Martin is my Second Prospect to Watch for the Week because Martin is one of the best Heavyweight Prospects in the United States. Brett Martin is making his Legacy Fighting Alliance Debut against Renan Ferreira, LFA 70.

Brett Martin was the Lights Out Heavyweight Champion and now will be the LFA Heavyweight Champion.

“He’s a very game opponent,” said Martin of Ferreira. “I’m getting a chance to fight a guy from another country it kind of jumps you into the world level. That’s why we do this to fight the best in the world.

“I’ve got a good resume, he’s got a good resume, and we’ve got a chance to do it for one of the best feeder leagues for the UFC, so it doesn’t get much better than this for a small town guy like me coming from Michigan.”

I predict Brett Martin will appear on the Dana White Contender Series this year!!

Watch LFA 70 Main Event for Brett Martin. He’ll be in the UFC one day.

UFC: Ngannou vs Dos Santos Fighter to Watch Roosevelt Roberts

Roosevelt Roberts, Alumni of the Dana White Contender Series is making his third UFC Appearance as he faces Vinc Pichel. Roberts is the best UFC prospect on the Ngannou vs Dos Santos card. Roosevelt Roberts is my fighter to watch because he has the potential to be a UFC Lightweight Champion.

“I like that my name is being mentioned,” Roberts said. “This lightweight division is a very packed and stacked division. Obviously, they got a lot of good guys. But I’m just worried about one opponent at a time.”

Roberts in 2019 will be a Top 15 Ranked UFC Lightweight, Rising Star in the UFC. Excited to watch his next fight against Vinc Pichel.

Underrated Coach#3 Sayif Saud Fortis MMA

Fortis MMA, Founded by Deron Williams is a new Powerhouse MMA Gym in Dallas, Texas. Head Coach of Fortis MMA is Sayif Saud, Coaching Future UFC or Bellator Champions!! Sayif Saud is one of the most underrated coaches in MMA today and he has the fighters to prove it!!

“The story is, we built this team from the ground up,” Saud said to “We didn’t have any fighters who are imported in from other camps or guys that were in the UFC. All these guys have been with me since the beginning. Most of them came to me 1-0 or 2-0. It is really an organic thing. We are a gym where accountability is real thing. Everybody is there, everybody is at practice and because of that, we have put double-digit people in the UFC in the past year or 15 months. I don’t know anybody else who has done that. Not only are they going into the UFC but they are winning.

Sayif Saud Fighters

Damon Jackson

LFA Former Featherweight Champion, 16-3 Record.

Ryan Spann

Spann is one of the best young Light Heavyweights in the world. Won two fights for the UFC. Future UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

Geoff Neal

Geoff Neal UFC Welterweight signed in season one of the Dana White Contender Series. Since signing with the UFC has a 3-0 record. Neal is 28 years old in the prime of his career.

Miles Johns

Miles Johns got a contract from the UFC after impressing Dana White, On the Contender Series. This kid is 25 years old, Future Bantamweight Champion.

Macy Chiasson

Macy is the Ultimate Fighter 28 Finale Winner, 27 years old and 5-0 record. #8 Female Bantamweight.

“In 2017 when I first opened Fortis, we had no one in the UFC,” said the 38-year-old Saud, who posted a 3-0 mark fighting out of Jackson’s MMA before injuries derailed his career and prompted a shift to coaching. “I had Carlos (Diego Ferreira), but he was on suspension, and I said, ‘By the end of this year, we’re going to have five people in the UFC.’

“By the end of 2017, we had five and then I said, ‘By the end of 2018, we’re going to have 10.’ I said that in January of 2017 and at the end of December 2018, I looked at everyone and said, ‘We now have 10 in the UFC.’”

Sayif Saud in a short period of time is one of the best MMA Coaches, One day he’ll be compared to Firas Zahabi and Mike Brown. Sayif will be coaching Future UFC Champions, Several Young Fighters that have the potential to be UFC Champions. Sayif is the perfect coach to bring them to there goals.

He likens the approach to the way Bill Belichick runs the New England Patriots, putting the system ahead of the individuals and validating that premise by consistently producing quality results.

“I coach with what resonated with me and I had a multitude of amazing coaches and teammates, but what always resonated with me was accountability,” explained Saud. “You don’t have to say anything if everybody has the same mindset of being accountable; the standards are set

Bellator Future Star Costello Van Steenis vs John Salter

  • Costello Van Steenis is a Bellator Middleweight Fighter, Future Bellator Star at 26 years old!! On Bellator 223 beat Mike Shipman, Shipman no slouch had a record of 13-1 before losing to Costello Van Steenis. Costello is a top Bellator Middleweight and should get a title shot in 2019!! To get that title shot is by facing a top Bellator Middleweight, John Salter.
  • John Salter Top 30 Middleweight in the world will be a tough fight for Costello Van Steenis. Salter beat Brandon Halsey, Dustin Jacoby and Chidi Njokuani in his Bellator career!! Salter has a 6-1 Bellator Record. Perfect fight for Costello to be a Bellator Middleweight Title Contender!!

    “I’m not really in a rush on my path to the belt, because Gegard has the belt at middleweight,” he explained. “My mission right now is to fight everyone that wants to fight Gegard so when Gegard leaves the belt, I’ll be the next one in line. Maybe Gegard will go to light heavyweight, or welterweight. And if he does, I want to be the next guy in line to fight for the belt.”

    Nate Landwehr M-1 Challenge Featherweight Champion Sign Him Bellator before he Transfers to UFC

    Probably never heard of Nate Landwehr, Nate is the M-1 Challenge Featherweight Champion. Nate is one of the best Featherweights in the world fighting for M-1 Challenge, Top Russian MMA Promotion. Nate can transfer to the UFC after his next Title defense but Bellator should grab Landwehr.

    Nate Landwehr will be perfect for Bellator Featherweight Division. Nate beating the top Russian Featherweights has to offer and Landwehr has a chance to beat the Top Bellator Featherweights. Nate will climb faster for the Bellator Featherweight Title Instead of the stacked UFC Featherweight Title.

    “I’m gonna do well with any promotion that I want to go with, it’s just depends on what promotion is ready to give me the platform that I need,” he continued. “Don’t sign me and just keep me in the dark. Sign me on to bring me into the light.”

    Nate vs Patricio Pitbull

    Nate vs AJ McKee

    Nate vs Emmanuel Sanchez

    Nate Landwehr will be a new challenge to the Bellator Featherweight Division, One of the best Bellator signings ever. Sign a potential Featherweight Champion whose one of the best available Featherweights! Hope Bellator signs Nate Landwehr.