Igeu Kabesa Top African Featherweight Prospect

Igeu Kabesa is the Top Featherweight Prospect Africa has right now. Igeu besides being one of the top African Prospects is one of the top Featherweights in the world!! Igeu Kabesa without a doubt will be in the UFC, Bellator, One Championship or Professional Fighters League. Igeu is something special, The next future CHAMPION to come out of Africa!!

Igeu Kabesa

  • 12-1 record
  • 25 years old
  • 4 win streak
  • Extreme Fighting Championship Worldwide Featherweight Champion
  • Defended the EFC Featherweight belt 5 times won the belt twice
  • 5 KO’s
  • 2 submission wins
  • #1 ranked South African Featherweight Champion

“My biggest test I would say was Peter Queally. He was bigger and I think his training with Conor makes his game hard. But I love hard fights.” Igeu Kabesa

Igeu Kabesa back in 2015 beat Bellator Fighter Peter Queally and Conor’s SBG Teammate.

The Congo’s Igeu Kabesa (12-1) defended his EFC featherweight title for the sixth time at EFC 79 last night against Croatia’s Karlo Caput (8-1),Croatia’s Caput entered the bout with an impressive undefeated 8-0 record, and a sensational five second knock out at his last outing. The featherweight champion Kabesa, with only one defeat in his career, was confident throughout the build up to the bout, and backed his word inside the fight. 

Kaput began by pressuring the champion with punches.Kabesa circled, and at just over the one minute mark, connected with acalculated overhand right that crumpled Kaput to the canvas. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thefightchamber.com/mma/efc-79-kabesa-demolishes-caput/amp

Give it a couple more fights and Igeu Kabesa will be getting a call from Dana White, Telling Igeu your going to fight in the Dana White Contender Series. Maybe Scott Coker calls Igeu telling him he wants to sign him!! Igeu has so many options as he’ll have a bright future ahead of him, in the future Main Eventing an event in South Africa for UFC or Bellator.

Overall check Kabesa out on YOUTUBE because he’s going to be something special I truly believe that!! Future UFC or Bellator Featherweight Champion!!

Chris Fishgold ESPN +11 Fighter to Watch

Chris Fishgold a Cage Warriors Former Featherweight Champion is making his third fight with the UFC on ESPN +11 Gustafsson vs Smith. Fishgold will be fighting Makwan Amirkhani in the main event card.

Win against Makwan for Fishgold will be a huge win for him and a fighter to FOCUS on ,Potential to be a UFC Featherweight Champion.

Chris Fishgold beat a top 15 ranked opponent in his last fight against Daniel Teymur. If Fishgold beats Makwan than he’ll fight Darren Elkins or Calvin Kattar.

“I’m still smiling, I feel extremely confident after that win. I’ve analysed the fight and seen a few things I need to work on,” Fishgold said. “You’ll see a completely different beast inside the Octagon at UFC Stockholm.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/talksport.com/sport/mma/516940/exclusive-chris-fishgold-to-fight-makwan-amirkhani-at-ufc-stockholm-on-june-1/amp/

Fishgold looked fantastic in his second fight in the UFC against Teymur and he plans to look a lot better against Amirkhani, Impressing the UFC Matchmakers to give him Elkins or Kattar.

Chris Fishgold

  • 26 years old
  • #48 ranked Featherweight
  • 18-2 record
  • Cage Warriors Lightweight Champion
  • Defended CW Lightweight Title 3 times
  • 8 submission wins
  • 2 KO’s

Watch his next fight against Makwan, Watching a UFC Featherweight Champion in the making!!

Predict Lance Palmer vs Andre Harrison for the PFL Featherweight Title (2019)

Lance Palmer and Andre Harrison are the top Featherweights the Professional Fighters League has. Lance Palmer is last years PFL Featherweight Champion and Andre Harrison has beat Lance Palmer in the past. Palmer is the #1 PFL Featherweight and #2 is Andre Harrison. I see Palmer vs Harrison as the PFL Featherweight Title Fight, Fighting for the Million Dollar Prize again!!

“We said it a million times but it bears repeating. Wrestling is the greatest skill to have in MMA because wrestling dictates where the fight takes place. On top of that, amateur wrestling training is so unbelievably grueling that the guys who get through it are the guys who rise to the top are the elite of the elite when it comes to mental toughness. That is a huge part of fighting. Mental toughness and focus and the ability to work hard to achieve goals under exceedingly insurmountable circumstances.” Joe Rogan

Lance Palmer wrestled for Ohio State and he was a 4 Time All American while at Ohio State. Palmer has the ability to control the fight because of his world class wrestling. Lance Palmer dominates his opponents in the PFL Ring and he’ll continue to do that. By far has the best wrestling on the PFL Roster.

Lance Palmer has won the PFL Featherweight Twice and he’ll be looking to make it a third!!! However Andre Harrison is no joke, Harrison beat Palmer on WSOF 35 in 2017.

“In my mind, anyone that knows me in the sense that, anyone that’s trained with me or fought me or whatever the case may be that’s been there throughout the course of my career, they know that I am one of the best featherweights on the planet,” Harrison said. “That’s just hands down. There’s no way you can tell me if you turn up the rankings that there’s gonna be 20 other guys that can beat me. There’s no way you can tell me that. In my mind, I’m the best featherweight on the planet hands down. I don’t care which fight league you’re talking about, I am the best featherweight, period. Every time I go out there I show that.” Andre Harrison

Andre Harrison was the Titan FC Featherweight Champion, Defended the Titan FC Featherweight Belt 4 times for two years before signing with the WSOF/PFL. Harrison is the toughest fight for Palmer by far. Harrison is ranked #35 Featherweight in the world by https://www.tapology.com/rankings/current-top-ten-featherweight-mma-fighters-145-pounds

Harrison beat two future UFC Fighters in Desmond Green and Kurt Holobaugh and Harrison’s only loss of his career was against Lance Palmer.

Lance Palmer vs Andre Harrison I believe will be the PFL Featherweight Title Fight, Two of the best Featherweights on the planet fighting, Great for the fighters to showcase there talents and skills on ESPN and great for the PFL to have TWO of there best fighters going at it for the million dollar prize.

Malcom “X” Gordon Top Flyweight Prospect

Malcom “X” Gordon is the TKO Flyweight Champion which is the top promotion in Canada. Malcom Gordon is one of the top Flyweights in the world to not compete in the UFC. The Flyweight Division needs all the help it can get, Getting MMA fans and Casual Fans interested in the Flyweight Division. Malcom would be a great addition the Flyweight Division.

Malcom “X” Gordon

  • 29 years old
  • 12-3 record
  • #26 Flyweight in the world
  • #2 best Flyweight in the U.S
  • #1 Canada Flyweight
  • TKO Flyweight Champion
  • Two time defending TKO Flyweight Champion
  • WXC Flyweight Champion
  • Havoc Flyweight Champion
  • Won a fight for Bellator
  • Prodigy MMA Bantamweight Champion

Malcom Gordon is obviously accomplished in several mma promotions by winning Three Titles for Three Promotions. Malcom Gordon will add the UFC Flyweight Title to his resume and his legacy. Hope the UFC signs him!!

Matt “Magic” Dixon Future UFC or Bellator Welterweight Champion

Matt “Magic” Dixon is the #17th ranked Welterweight in the United States but is ONLY 23 years old!! Magic Dixon has a bright future ahead of him, Dana White or Scott Coker will be calling his manager soon because he’s going to be a future Welterweight Champion.

Matt “Magic”Dixon

  • 8-0 record
  • 23 year old
  • Xtreme Fight Night Welterweight Champion
  • #3 southwest Welterweight
  • 5 KO’s
  • 3 first round KO’s

Matt Dixon will be something special, Excited to see his next fight, Probably will be on the Dana White Contender Series and has a chance to win a contract with the UFC!!

Heavyweight Prospects 2019 UFC should Sign NOW!!

The UFC Heavyweight division is the worse UFC weight class right now, The legendary heavyweights of Junior Dos Santos, Stipe Miocic, Cain Velasquez, Andrei Arlovski, Allistair Overeem are getting old and on there last runs. It’s an old weight class with a lack of young hungry talented heavyweights, Yes there’s Ngannou, Curtis Blaydes, Augusto Sakai but that’s it!! The Heavyweight Division is in trouble and they need to sign world class Heavyweights Immediately!!


  • 28 years old
  • 6-0 record
  • Trains with the Blackzilians
  • #84 best heavyweight
  • 4 KO’s
  • Division 2 Wrestling champ

Bellator signed UFC heavyweights so it’s time for UFC to do the same and get Tyrell Fortune.

“King Kong” Alexander Romanov

  • 28 years old
  • 11-1 record
  • Eagles Fighting Championship Heavyweight Champion
  • 6 submission wins
  • 4 KO’s
  • #102 Best Heavyweight

Domingos Barros

  • 27 years old
  • 6-0 record
  • #161 best heavyweight

Kevin Szaflarski

  • 24 years old
  • 6-1 record
  • Vacant PLMMA Heavyweight champion
  • 4 submission wins
  • #266 heavyweight
  • European Eastern #19 Heavyweight

Marcos Brigagao

  • 11-0 record
  • 23 years old
  • #1 Brazil Heavyweight
  • 4 Recorded KO’s

The Heavyweight’s I listed are all world class prospects that can be UFC champions.

Costello Van Steenis Bellator Star

Costello Van Steenis has his fight coming up against Mike Shipman on June 22. Mike Shipman has a 13-1 record and it’s Costello toughest fight YET. Costello has a 11-1 record and has a bright future ahead of him!!! Costello fights for Bellator and is a star in the making!!

Costello Van Steenis

  • 11-1 record
  • 5 wins
  • 26 years old
  • 3 triangle chokes
  • 2 knock outs
  • #55 Middleweight fighter

Van Steenis (11-1-0) is a protege of Bellator middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi. He is currently 3-0 under the Bellator banner. He scored a first round submission win in his debut at Bellator 185 against Steve Skrzat. He stopped Kevin Fryer with strikes in the first round of their Bellator 200 clash and most recently, he banked a split decision win over Chris Honeycutt